AAUW Funds

The AAUW Educational Fund — the world’s largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women — supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented. This year the Fund spent over $4.3 million in funding for more than 278 fellowships and grants to graduate women and nonprofit organizations The Fund also spent over $1 million scholarships to undergraduate women and other grants. The Riverside Branch solicits money for the Educational Funds at one of our General Program Meetings which is devoted to Education.

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund provides funding and a support system for individuals seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination. It is the nation’s largest legal fund focused solely on sex discrimination. The Riverside Branch solicits funds for the Legal Advocacy Fund.

The AAUW Leadership Program consists of several programs that are designed to develop young women’s potential to lead in their schools, communities, and country.

AAUW Public Policy deals with a variety of issues concerning women and girls and has an active advocacy program with a Lobby Corps in Washington, D.C. and one in Sacramento, California.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues that are important to women and girls. Two recent publications are: Why so Few–Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? and most recently, Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School.

We support these funds each year by attending a luncheon planned the by AAUW State of CA  for Southern CA and by participating in the Diamond Bar Birthday Party in Pantera Park each April, just by staffing a game booth provided by the city for the non-profit organizations.  Read more about these events in the ACTIVITIES-Fundraising Section of this web page.   Individual monetary donations are voluntary.